Title: Obesity prevention and related public health advertising versus competing commercial advertising expenditure in Australia

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    Early childhood

    Title: Preschoolers’ engagement with screen content and associations with sleep and cognitive development

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    Mobile phones

    Title: Smartphone addiction in children: patterns of use and musculoskeletal discomfort during the COVID-19 pandemic in Iran

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    Title: Smartphone addiction is more harmful to adolescents than Internet gaming disorder: Divergence in the impact of parenting styles

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    Title: Parents’ perceptions of the sensitivity of their children’s personal information and willingness to share with social media marketers: Implications for sharenting

    Author(s): Hoy, MG (Hoy, Mariea Grubbs); Fox, AK (Fox, Alexa K.); Deitz, GD (Deitz, George D.)

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    Title: Measuring cyber secure behavior of elementary and high school students in the Netherlands

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    Problematic Internet use

    Title: Debate: Should academics collaborate with social media and gaming companies to identify and reduce mental health impacts on children and young people?

    Author(s): Shotbolt, V (Shotbolt, Vicki)

    Source: CHILD AND ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH  Early Access Date: DEC 2022



    Screen use

    Title: Children’s and parents’ perspectives on the effects of children’s digital technology use

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    Title: Screen time and mental health in Canadian youth: an examination of nationally representative data

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    Title: The clinical implications of digital technology

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    Title: Use of digital screens by adolescents and association on sleep quality: a systematic review

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    Source: CADERNOS DE SAUDE PUBLICA  Volume: 38  Issue: 10  Published: 2022



    Social media

    Title: Sexualized images on social media and adolescent girls’ mental health: qualitative insights from parents, school support service staff and youth mental health service providers

    Author(s): Papageorgiou, A (Papageorgiou, Alana); Cross, D (Cross, Donna); Fisher, C (Fisher, Colleen)





    Title: The effects of violent video games on reactive-proactive aggression and cyberbullying

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    Source: CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY   Early Access Date: NOV 2022