Title: Is this advertisement designed to appeal to you? Adolescents’ views about Instagram advertisements promoting ultra-processed products

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Title: U.S. tweens’ reactions to unboxing videos: Effects of sponsorship disclosure and advertising training

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Body image

Title: The cost of the perfect body: influence mechanism of internalization of media appearance ideals on eating disorder tendencies in adolescents

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Title: How different online self-presentations relate to different online feedback among adolescents: peer relationship as a mediator

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Early childhood

Title: Evaluation of the association between excessive screen use, sleep patterns and behavioral and cognitive aspects in preschool population. A systematic review

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Title: No end in sight; assessing the impact of internet gaming disorder on digital eye strain symptoms and academic success

Author(s): Floros, GD (Floros, Georgios D.); Glynatsis, MN (Glynatsis, Mikes N.); Mylona, I (Mylona, Ioanna)




Title: Attitudes of generation Z toward digital gaming and healthy nutrition according to regular physical activity status

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Title: Comparing the effectiveness of game literacy education and game coding education in improving problematic internet gaming

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Mobile phones

Title: What is the role of motives for smartphone use in elementary school students? Problematic smartphone use, family satisfaction, loneliness, and academic performance

Author(s): Przepiorka, A (Przepiorka, Aneta); Blachnio, A (Blachnio, Agata); Kot, P (Kot, Pawel); Cudo, A (Cudo, Andrzej)

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Physical development

Title: Longitudinal associations of screen time, physical activity, and sleep duration with body mass index in US youth

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Title: Children’s datafication: a study on digitization, consent forms and the behavior of children, parents and guardians

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Title: The custodians of children’s online privacy: extending the APCO framework to parental social media sharing

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Screen use

Title: Examining profiles of U.S. children’s screen time and associations with academic skills

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Title: Multidimensional predictors of adolescents’ nonacademic digital media use in the United States: Insights from a bioecological perspective

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Title: Intense and problematic social media use and sleep difficulties of adolescents in 40 countries

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Title: Digital media and sleep in children and adolescents: background

Author(s): Paulus, FW (Paulus, Frank W.)

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Smart toys

Title: The integration of Internet of Toys in early childhood education. Research from Australia, England, and Norway

Author(s): Anwar, AC (Anwar, Ahmad Choirul)

Source: ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF EDUCATION   Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 11



Title: The relationship between time spent on social media and adolescent cigarette, e-cigarette, and dual use: a longitudinal analysis of the UK Millennium Cohort Study

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Source: NICOTINE & TOBACCO RESEARCH   Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 4


Social media

Title: Problematic use of five different social networking sites is associated with depressive symptoms and loneliness

Author(s): Williams, M (Williams, McKain); Lewin, KM (Lewin, Kaitlin M.); Meshi, D (Meshi, Dar)

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Title: The forensic mental health implications of social media challenges

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Title: Problematic social media use and psychological symptoms in adolescents

Author(s): Mojtabai, R (Mojtabai, Ramin)

Source: SOCIAL PSYCHIATRY AND PSYCHIATRIC EPIDEMIOLOGY   Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 7



Title: Video game time and psychosocial well-being in Chinese children: the mediating role of self-esteem

Author(s): Sun, XY (Sun, Xiaoyue); Li, X (Li, Xin)

Source: JOURNAL OF CHILD AND FAMILY STUDIES  Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 10


Title: Exploring the risk factors associated with video game addiction among adolescent school children in Chennai district, Tamil Nadu, India: a cross-sectional study

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Title: Adolescents’ videogame play, need satisfaction, and self-esteem: a self-determination perspective

Author(s): Noon, EJ (Noon, Edward John); Carbone, L (Carbone, Luca); Swinnen, B (Swinnen, Brent); Vandenbosch, L (Vandenbosch, Laura

SOURCE: Current Psychology (2024) 09 April 2024