Title: Australian adolescents’ views about healthy eating and the effects of food advertising on dietary behaviour: Perspectives of athletes and non-athletes

Author(s): Bailey, C (Bailey, Christopher); Prichard, I (Prichard, Ivanka); Drummond, C (Drummond, Claire); Drummond, M (Drummond, Murray)

Source: HEALTH EDUCATION JOURNAL   Early Access Date: DEC 2023   


Title: The impact of characters like Tony the Tiger and other child-targeted techniques used in food and beverage marketing

Author(s): Mulligan, C (Mulligan, Christine); Remedios, L (Remedios, Lauren); Ramsay, T (Ramsay, Tim); Pauzé, E (Pauze, Elise); Bagnato, M (Bagnato, Mariangela); Kent, MP (Kent, Monique Potvin)

Source: FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION  Volume: 10   1287473  Published: DEC 5 2023  


Body Image

Title: Body dissatisfaction and disordered eating symptoms in children’s daily life: Can parents protect against appearance comparison on social media?

Author(s): De Coen, J (De Coen, Jolien); Goossens, L (Goossens, Lien); Bosmans, G (Bosmans, Guy); Debra, G (Debra, Gillian); Verbeken, S (Verbeken, Sandra)

Source: BODY IMAGE  Volume: 48   Published: MAR 2024  


Cognitive Development

Title: Intelligence-dependent differential effects of media exposure on executive function changes in children: a population-based cohort study with a longitudinal design

Author(s): Oh, Y (Oh, Yunhye); Baek, JH (Baek, Ji Hyun); Joung, YS (Joung, Yoo-Sook)

Source: JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE  Volume: 38  Issue: 48   Published: DEC 11 2023  


Title: Association of screen use trajectories from early childhood with cognitive development in late childhood: The EDEN mother-child cohort

Author(s): Yang, S (Yang, Shuai); Poncet, L (Poncet, Lorraine); Tafflet, M (Tafflet, Muriel); Lioret, S (Lioret, Sandrine); Peyre, H (Peyre, Hugo); Ramus, F (Ramus, Franck); Heude, B (Heude, Barbara); Bernard, JY (Bernard, Jonathan Y.)

Source: COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR  Volume: 152  Early Access Date: DEC 2023   Published: MAR 2024  


COVID Impacts

Title: Change in screen time and overuse, and their association with psychological well-being among US-wide school-age children during the COVID-19 pandemic: analysis of the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) years 2018-21

Author(s): Wu, HT (Wu, Helena T.); Li, JD (Li, Jiandong); Tsurumi, A (Tsurumi, Amy)

Source: CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY AND MENTAL HEALTH  Volume: 18  Issue: 1   Published: JAN 13 2024  



Title: “Listen to me!” The role of family supervision and parental phubbing in youth cyberbullying

Author(s): Elboj-Saso, C (Elboj-Saso, Carmen); Iñiguez-Berrozpe, T (Iniguez-Berrozpe, Tatiana); Salinas, AC (Salinas, Ana Cebollero); Alcaine, PB (Alcaine, Pablo Bautista)

Source: FAMILY RELATIONS  Early Access Date: NOV 2023   


Early Childhood

Title: Meeting preschool screen time recommendations: which parental strategies matter?

Author(s): Fitzpatrick, C (Fitzpatrick, Caroline); Cristini, E (Cristini, Emma); Bernard, JY (Bernard, Jonathan Y.); Garon-Carrier, G (Garon-Carrier, Gabrielle)

Source: FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY  Volume: 14   Published: NOV 6 2023  


Title: Screen time of toddlers in Paris suburbs: Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Author(s): Osika, SD (Osika, Sylvie Dieu); Issaeva, L (Issaeva, Ludmila); Boutin, E (Boutin, Emmanuelle); Osika, E (Osika, Eric)

Source: ARCHIVES DE PEDIATRIE  Volume: 30  Issue: 8  Pages: 558-562   Published: NOV 2023  


Title: Types of on-screen content and mental health in kindergarten children

Author(s): Wang, HW (Wang, Haiwa); Zhao, J (Zhao, Jin); Yu, ZS (Yu, Zhangsheng); Pan, H (Pan, Hao); Wu, SS (Wu, Saishuang); Zhu, Q (Zhu, Qi); Dong, YY (Dong, Yuanyuan); Liu, HL (Liu, Huilin); Zhang, YT (Zhang, Yunting); Jiang, F (Jiang, Fan)

Source: JAMA PEDIATRICS   Early Access Date: FEB 2024   


Title: Early-life digital media experiences and development of atypical sensory processing

Author(s): Heffler, KF (Heffler, Karen Frankel); Acharya, B (Acharya, Binod); Subedi, K (Subedi, Keshab); Bennett, DS (Bennett, David S.)

Source: JAMA PEDIATRICS   Early Access Date: MAR 2024   


Title: Screen time and preschoolers’ pre-academic and behavioural competence: the moderating role of child characteristics

Author(s): Xie, HB (Xie, Hongbin); Liu, C (Liu, Cong); Wang, S (Wang, Shuang); Wang, XL (Wang, Xiaolong)

Source: EARLY CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND CARE   Early Access Date: JAN 2024   



Title: A portrait of gambling behaviors and associated cognitive beliefs among young adolescents in Italy

Author(s): Favieri, F (Favieri, Francesca); Forte, G (Forte, Giuseppe); Casagrande, M (Casagrande, Maria); Dalpiaz, C (Dalpiaz, Claudio); Riglioni, A (Riglioni, Anna); Langher, V (Langher, Viviana)



Language Development

Title: Is the screen time duration affecting children’s language development? – A scoping review

Author(s): Bhutani, P (Bhutani, Priyank); Gupta, M (Gupta, Manu); Bajaj, G (Bajaj, Gagan); Deka, RC (Deka, Ramesh Chandra); Satapathy, SS (Satapathy, Siddhartha Sankar); Ray, SK (Ray, Suvendra Kumar)



Title: Variability and patterns in children’s media use and links with language development

Author(s): Kucker, SC (Kucker, Sarah C.); Perry, LK (Perry, Lynn K.); Barr, R (Barr, Rachel)

Source: ACTA PAEDIATRICA   Early Access Date: JAN 2024   


Media Literacy

Title: To nudge or not to nudge: co-designing and evaluating the effectiveness of adolescent online safety nudges

Author(s): Agha, Z (Agha, Zainab)

Book Group Author(s): ACM

Source: 22ND ANNUAL ACM INTERACTION DESIGN AND CHILDREN CONFERENCE, IDC 2023: Rediscovering Childhood  Pages: 760-763   Published: 2023  


Physical Development

Title: Associations between exposure to common technology devices and reported neck pain among Iranian school-age adolescents: a cross sectional study

Author(s): Azadvari, M (Azadvari, Mohaddeseh); Sarzaeim, M (Sarzaeim, Mojdeh); Rajabi, S (Rajabi, Sarvin); Yahyaee, A (Yahyaee, Alireza); Razavi, SZE (Razavi, Seyede Zahra Emami); Haghparast, A (Haghparast, Afarin); Biderafsh, A (Biderafsh, Azam); Nakhostin-Ansari, A (Nakhostin-Ansari, Amin); Hosseini, M (Hosseini, Maryam); Ghahvechi, M (Ghahvechi, Masood)

Source: BMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS  Volume: 24  Issue: 1   Published: NOV 13 2023  


Title: Dose-response relationship between daily screen time and the risk of low back pain among children and adolescents: a meta-analysis of 57831 participants

Author(s): Cheng, Y (Cheng, Yue); Guo, WY (Guo, Wenyao); Ya, X (Ya, Xudong); Shao, S (Shao, Shuang); Shao, ZY (Shao, Zhuying); Zhu, YZ (Zhu, Yizheng); Zhou, LL (Zhou, Linlin); Chen, JX (Chen, Jinxin); Wang, XQ (Wang, Xingqi); Liu, YJ (Liu, Yujia)



Title: Problematic video gaming is negatively associated with bone mineral density in adolescents

Author(s): Kizilkan, MP (Pehlivanturk Kizilkan, Melis); Akgul, S (Akgul, Sinem); Kanbur, N (Kanbur, Nuray); Gungoren, O (Gungoren, Orhan); Derman, O (Derman, Orhan)

Source: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS     Early Access Date: JAN 2024   


Screen Use

Title: Not screens but their context of use impact cognitive development: a commentary on Yang et al. (2023)

Author(s): Bediou, B (Bediou, Benoit); Cekic, S (Cekic, Sezen); Bavelier, D (Bavelier, Daphne)



Title: An umbrella review of the benefits and risks associated with youths’ interactions with electronic screens

Author(s): Sanders, T (Sanders, Taren); Noetel, M (Noetel, Michael); Parker, P (Parker, Philip); Cruz, BD (Cruz, Borja Del Pozo); Biddle, S (Biddle, Stuart); Ronto, R (Ronto, Rimante); Hulteen, R (Hulteen, Ryan); Parker, R (Parker, Rhiannon); Thomas, G (Thomas, George); De Cocker, K (De Cocker, Katrien); Salmon, J (Salmon, Jo); Hesketh, K (Hesketh, Kylie); Weeks, N (Weeks, Nicole); Arnott, H (Arnott, Hugh); Devine, E (Devine, Emma); Vasconcellos, R (Vasconcellos, Roberta); Pagano, R (Pagano, Rebecca); Sherson, J (Sherson, Jamie); Conigrave, J (Conigrave, James); Lonsdale, C (Lonsdale, Chris)

Source: NATURE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR  Early Access Date: NOV 2023   


Title: Addressing the “Whys” of UK children’s YouTube use: a purposes approach

Author(s): Scott, F (Scott, Fiona); Parry, B (Parry, Becky); Marsh, J (Marsh, Jackie); Lahmar, J (Lahmar, Jamal); Nutbrown, B (Nutbrown, Beth); Scholey, E (Scholey, Emilie); Baldi, P (Baldi, Patrizia); Law, L (Law, Lily); Yamada-Rice, D (Yamada-Rice, Dylan)

Source: SOCIAL MEDIA + SOCIETY  Volume: 9  Issue: 4   Published: OCT 2023  



Title: Sexting, self-esteem, and social media: a comparison among frequent, occasional, and non-sexting Italian adolescent girls

Author(s): Verrastro, V (Verrastro, Valeria); Saladino, V (Saladino, Valeria); Eleuteri, S (Eleuteri, Stefano); Barberis, N (Barberis, Nadia); Cuzzocrea, F (Cuzzocrea, Francesca)

Source: PSYCHOLOGY IN RUSSIA-STATE OF THE ART  Volume: 16  Issue: 4  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 3-20   Published: 2023  



Title: Correlations between sleep problems and media consumption in children and adolescents

Author(s): Frölich, J (Froelich, Jan)

Source: MONATSSCHRIFT KINDERHEILKUNDE   8  Early Access Date: NOV 2023   


Social Media

Title: Social media use and health risk behaviours in young people: systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Purba, AK (Purba, Amrit Kaur); Thomson, RM (Thomson, Rachel M.); Henery, PM (Henery, Paul M.); Pearce, A (Pearce, Anna); Henderson, M (Henderson, Marion); Katikireddi, SV (Katikireddi, S. Vittal)

Source: BMJ-BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL  Volume: 383   Published: NOV 29 2023  


Title: Problematic social media use and lifestyle behaviors in adolescents: cross-sectional questionnaire study

Author(s): Ardesch, FH (Ardesch, Frank Hendrik); van der Vegt, DD (van der Vegt, Denise Dorothy); Kiefte-de Jong, JC (Kiefte-de Jong, Jessica Christina)

Source: JMIR PEDIATRICS AND PARENTING  Volume: 6  Published: 2023  


Touch Screens/Tablets

Title: The impact of touch screen tablet caring games on empathic concern and compassion in young children

Author(s): Shoshani, A (Shoshani, Anat)