Title: Consequences of digital media on the health of children and adolescents with a focus on the consumption of unhealthy foods

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Title: Managing authenticity in a kidfluencers’ world: A qualitative study with kidfluencers and their parents

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Title: Marketing to children through online targeted advertising: targeting mechanisms and legal aspects

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Book Group Author(s): ACM



Title: Food marketing on digital platforms: what do teens see?

Author(s): Elliott, CD (Elliott, Charlene D.); Truman, E (Truman, Emily)

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Body Image

Title: Factors affecting body image perception, social media addiction, and social media consciousness regarding physical appearance in adolescents

Author(s): Çimke, S (Cimke, Sevim); Gürkan, DY (Gurkan, Dilek Yildirim)

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Cognitive Development

Title: Developmental changes in brain function linked with addiction-like social media use two years later

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Early Childhood

Title: Toddlers’ physiological response to parent’s mobile device distraction and technoference

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Title: Screen time vs. scream time: Developmental interrelations between young children’s screen time, negative affect, and effortful control

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Source: COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR  Volume: 154   Early Access Date: JAN 2024   Published: MAY 2024


Title: Are screen media the new pacifiers? The role of parenting stress and parental attitudes for children’s screen time in early childhood

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Title: An emerging ophthalmology challenge: a narrative review of TikTok trends impacting eye health among children and adolescents

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Source: OPHTHALMOLOGY AND THERAPY   Early Access Date: FEB 2024



Title: Loot boxes use as a new form of gambling within video games

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Title: Young people’s views about the use of celebrities and social media influencers in gambling marketing

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Language Development

Title: The relationship between language and technology: how screen time affects language development in early life-a systematic review

Author(s): Massaroni, V (Massaroni, Valentina); Delle Donne, V (Delle Donne, Valentina); Marra, C (Marra, Camillo); Arcangeli, V (Arcangeli, Valentina); Chieffo, DPR (Chieffo, Daniela Pia Rosaria)

Source: BRAIN SCIENCES  Volume: 14  Issue: 1   Published: JAN 2024


Mobile Phones

Title: Parents’ desire to change phone use: Associations with objective smartphone use and feelings about problematic use and distraction

Author(s): McDaniel, BT (McDaniel, Brandon T.); Pater, J (Pater, Jessica); Cornet, V (Cornet, Victor); Mughal, S (Mughal, Safia); Reining, L (Reining, Lauren); Schaller, A (Schaller, Alexandria); Radesky, J (Radesky, Jenny); Drouin, M (Drouin, Michelle)

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Author(s): Shah, SA (Shah, Saumya Amin); Phadke, VD (Phadke, Varsha Dilip)

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Title: Smartphone addiction and psychological wellbeing among adolescents: the multiple mediating roles of academic procrastination and school burnout

Author(s): Kaya, B (Kaya, Bilal)



Title: Longitudinal relationship between parental and adolescent smartphone addiction: serial mediating effects of adolescent self-esteem and depression

Author(s): Mun, IB (Mun, Il Bong)

Source: INTERNET RESEARCH   Early Access Date: FEB 2024


Parental Mediation

Title: Knowledge is power: Relationship between professional recommendations, maternal attitudes, and screen time exposure of infants

Author(s): Wentz, EE (Wentz, Erin E.); Hoose, DL (Hoose, Danielle L.); Holliday, K (Holliday, Kathryn); Mcdonald, T (Mcdonald, Tara); Silsby, K (Silsby, Kristen); Podvin, S (Podvin, Sarah); Hirsh, A (Hirsh, Alexandra)

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Title: ‘I tried to take my phone off my daughter, and i got hit in the face’: a qualitative study of parents’ challenges with adolescents’ screen use and a toolbox of their tips

Author(s): Marsh, S (Marsh, Samantha); Chu, JTW (Chu, Joanna Ting Wai); Calder, AJ (Calder, Amanda Jane)

Source: BMC PUBLIC HEALTH  Volume: 24  Issue: 1   Published: JAN 18 2024


Physical Development

Title: Relationship between screen exposure, sedentary behavior and musculoskeletal pain in adolescents: a systematic review

Author(s): Rodríguez-Cáceres, A (Rodriguez-Caceres, Ashley); Sánchez-Vera, MA (Alejandra Sanchez-Vera, Maria); Alfonso-Mora, M (Alfonso-Mora, Margareth); Sarmiento-Gonzalez, P (Sarmiento-Gonzalez, Paola); Méndez, JL (Lever Mendez, Juliana); Becerra, AMG (Garcia Becerra, Andrea Milena); Guerra-Balic, M (Guerra-Balic, Miriam); Sánchez-Martin, R (Sanchez-Martin, Ricardo)




Title: Work it baby! A survey study to investigate the role of underaged children and privacy management strategies within parent influencer content

Author(s): Beuckels, E (Beuckels, Emma); Hudders, L (Hudders, Liselot); Vanwesenbeeck, I (Vanwesenbeeck, Ini); Van den Abeele, E (Van den Abeele, Elisabeth)

Source: NEW MEDIA & SOCIETY   Early Access Date: JAN 2024



Title: Screen time, brain network development and socio-emotional competence in childhood: moderation of associations by parent-child reading

Author(s): Huang, P (Huang, Pei); Chan, SY (Chan, Shi Yu); Ngoh, ZM (Ngoh, Zhen Ming); Ong, ZY (Ong, Zi Yan); Low, XZ (Low, Xi Zhen); Law, EC (Law, Evelyn C.); Gluckman, PD (Gluckman, Peter D.); Kee, MZL (Kee, Michelle Z. L.); Fortier, MV (Fortier, Marielle V.); Chong, YS (Chong, Yap Seng); Zhou, JH (Zhou, Juan H.); Meaney, MJ (Meaney, Michael J.); Tan, AP (Tan, Ai Peng)

Source: PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE   Early Access Date: FEB 2024


Regulation/Policy Making

Title: Social media industry standards needed to protect adolescent mental health, says national academies

Author(s): Anderer, S (Anderer, Samantha)



Screen use

Title: Promoting healthy screen use in children with externalizing behavior

Author(s): Griffith, SF (Griffith, Shayl F.); Bagner, DM (Bagner, Daniel M.); Hart, KC (Hart, Katie C.)



Title: Adolescent Screen Use: Problematic Internet Use and the Impact of Gender

Author(s): Niskier, SR (Niskier, Sheila Rejane); Snaychuk, LA (Snaychuk, Lindsey A.); Kim, HS (Kim, Hyoun S.); da Silva, TT (da Silva, Thiago T.); Vitalle, MSD (de Souza Vitalle, Maria Sylvia); Tavares, H (Tavares, Hermano)

Source: PSYCHIATRY INVESTIGATION   Early Access Date: JAN 2024


Title: Associations between excessive screen time and school and out-of-school injuries among adolescents: A population-based study

Author(s): Chau, K (Chau, Kenora); Perrin, P (Perrin, Philippe); Chau, N (Chau, Nearkasen)

Source: PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH  Volume: 331   Early Access Date: DEC 2023   Published: JAN 2024


Title: Relationship between TV watching during childhood and adolescence, and artery function in adulthood

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Source: MEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS & EXERCISE  Volume: 56  Issue: 2  Pages: 238-248  Published: FEB 2024


Title: Compulsive digital use among school-age children and association with escapism and feeling of loneliness: A call for action

Author(s): Hamad, NI (Hamad, Nagwa Ibrahim); Eweida, RS (Eweida, Rasha Salah); Rashwan, ZI (Rashwan, Zohour Ibrahim); Menessy, RFM (Menessy, Reem Farag Mahrous); Khaled, AMS (Khaled, Asmaa Mohammed Saad)

Source: JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC NURSING-NURSING CARE OF CHILDREN & FAMILIES  Volume: 73  Pages: e227-e235   Early Access Date: DEC 2023   Published: NOV 2023


Title: Screen time, quality of the adolescent diet, and profile of the school environment

Author(s): Antoniassi, SG (Antoniassi, Sarina Giongo); Machado, CO (Machado, Christiane Opuszka); dos Santos, DS (dos Santos, Diego Spinoza); dos Santos, L (dos Santos, Lais); Hoefelmann, DA (Hoefelmann, Doroteia Aparecida)

Source: CIENCIA & SAUDE COLETIVA  Volume: 29  Issue: 1   Published: JAN 2024


Social Media

Title: Social media use and social well-being: a systematic review and future research agenda

Author(s): Murari, K (Murari, Krishna); Shukla, S (Shukla, Shalini); Dulal, L (Dulal, Lalit)

Source: ONLINE INFORMATION REVIEW  Early Access Date: JAN 2024


Title: TikTok and the caricaturing of violence in adolescent romantic relationships

Author(s): Civila, S (Civila, Sabina); Moreno, PD (Moreno, Patricia De Casas); Rojas, ADG (Rojas, Antonio Daniel Garcia); Gomez, AH (Gomez, Angel Hernando)



Title: Social media platforms generate billions of dollars in revenue from US youth: Findings from a simulated revenue model

Author(s): Raffoul, A (Raffoul, Amanda); Ward, ZJ (Ward, Zachary J.); Santoso, M (Santoso, Monique); Kavanaugh, JR (Kavanaugh, Jill R.); Austin, SB (Austin, S. Bryn)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 18  Issue: 12  Published: DEC 27 2023


Speech Development

Title: Relationship between speech delay and smart media in children: a systematic review

Author(s): Alamri, MM (Alamri, Manal M.); Alrehaili, MA (Alrehaili, Muath A.); Albariqi, W (Albariqi, Wejdan); Alshehri, MS (Alshehri, Manal S.); Alotaibi, KB (Alotaibi, Kholood B.); Algethami, AM (Algethami, Afnan M.)

Source: CUREUS JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE  Volume: 15  Issue: 9   Published: SEP 17 2023



Title: Exploring video game engagement, social-emotional development, and adolescent well-being for sustainable health and quality education

Author(s): García-Gil, MA (Garcia-Gil, Maria Angeles); Revuelta-Domínguez, FI (Revuelta-Dominguez, Francisco-Ignacio); Pedrera-Rodríguez, MI (Pedrera-Rodriguez, Maria-Inmaculada); Guerra-Antequera, J (Guerra-Antequera, Jorge)

Source: SUSTAINABILITY  Volume: 16  Issue: Published: JAN 2024