Title: Exposure to alcohol advertising and alcohol consumption among children and early teenagers in South Africa

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Title: Successive intertwining of young consumers’ reliance on social media influencers

Author(s): Tsourela, M (Tsourela, Maria)



Title: The utilisation of legal instruments by United Nations actors to restrict the exposure of children to unhealthy food and beverage marketing: a qualitative content analysis of UN instruments

Author(s): Sing, F (Sing, Fiona); Mackay, S (Mackay, Sally); Cina, M (Cina, Margherita); Swinburn, B (Swinburn, Boyd)

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Title: Through thick and thin: exposure to Instagram advertisements and willingness to engage in appearance-altering practices

Author(s): Ferdousi, JS (Ferdousi, Jannatul Shimul); Bradley, GL (Bradley, Graham L.); Carlini, J (Carlini, Joan)

Source: JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY   Early Access Date: JUN 2023



Title: Adults and family as supportive of adolescent sexual development in the age of smartphones? Exploring cybersexual violence victimization, pornography use, and risky sexual behaviors

Author(s): Rivas-Koehl, M (Rivas-Koehl, Matthew); Valido, A (Valido, Alberto); Espelage, DL (Espelage, Dorothy L. L.); Lawrence, TI (Lawrence, Timothy I. I.)

Source: ARCHIVES OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR   Early Access Date: JUN 2023


Early Childhood

Title: Associations between media use and executive dysfunction among preschool children in Bangkok, Thailand

Author(s): Wannapaschaiyong, P (Wannapaschaiyong, Prakasit); Wattanakijthamrong, S (Wattanakijthamrong, Saruta); Kallawicha, K (Kallawicha, Kraiwuth); Sutchritpongsa, S (Sutchritpongsa, Sureelak)

Source: JOURNAL OF CHILD SCIENCE  Volume: 13  Issue: 01  Pages: E85-E95   Published: JAN 2023



Title: Pathological gaming and its association with lifestyle, irritability, and school and family environments among school children

Author(s): Yamada, M (Yamada, Masaaki); Sekine, M (Sekine, Michikazu); Tatsuse, T (Tatsuse, Takashi)

Source: JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY  Volume: 33  Issue: 7  Pages: 335-341   Published: JUL 2023


Mobile Phones

Title: The influence of smartphones on adolescent sleep: a systematic literature review

Author(s): de Sa, S (de Sa, Sofia); Baiao, A (Baiao, Ana); Marques, H (Marques, Helena); Marques, MD (Marques, Maria do Ceu); Reis, MJ (Reis, Maria Jose); Dias, S (Dias, Sandra); Catarino, M (Catarino, Marta)

Source: NURSING REPORTS  Volume: 13  Issue: 2  Pages: 612-621  Published: JUN 2023


Title: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and use of mobile phones among children- need for concern?

Author(s): Varghese, AD (Varghese, Aby Dany); Mathew, G (Mathew, Geethu); Xson, C (Xson, Cinderella)

Source: JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH  Volume: 17  Issue: 6  Pages: SC1-SC4   Published: JUN 2023


Parental Mediation

Title: Key factors associated with parents’ illegal engagement with their smartphones while driving their children

Author(s): Koppel, S (Koppel, Sjaan); Kaviani, F (Kaviani, Fareed); Peiris, S (Peiris, Sujanie); McDonald, H (McDonald, Hayley); Zonfrillo, MR (Zonfrillo, Mark R.)

Source: ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION  Volume: 189   Early Access Date: MAY 2023   Published: SEP 2023


Screen Use

Title: Children’s Internet use and physical and psychosocial development

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Source: FRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH  Volume: 11   Published: JUN 8 2023


Title: The degree of problematic technology use negatively affects physical activity level, adherence to Mediterranean diet and psychological state of adolescents

Author(s): Mateo-Orcajada, A (Mateo-Orcajada, Adrian); Vaquero-Cristobal, R (Vaquero-Cristobal, Raquel); Albaladejo-Saura, MD (Albaladejo-Saura, Mario Demofilo); Abenza-Cano, L (Abenza-Cano, Lucia)

Source: HEALTHCARE  Volume: 11  Issue: 12  Published: JUN 2023


Social Media

Title: Social media and anxiety in youth a narrative review and clinical update

Author(s): Chochol, MD (Chochol, Megan D.); Gandhi, K (Gandhi, Kriti); Croarkin, PE (Croarkin, Paul E.)

Source: CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRIC CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA  Volume: 32  Issue: 3  Pages: 613-630   Early Access Date: MAY 2023   Published: JUL 2023


Title: Social media use and early adolescents’ academic achievement: variations by parent-adolescent communication and gender

Author(s): Gordon, MS (Gordon, Mellissa S.); Ohannessian, CM (Ohannessian, Christine McCauley)

Source: YOUTH & SOCIETY   Early Access Date: JUN 2023


Title: Heavy social media use and psychological distress among adolescents: the moderating role of sex, age, and parental support

Author(s): Mougharbel, F (Mougharbel, Fatima); Chaput, JP (Chaput, Jean-Philippe); Sampasa-Kanyinga, H (Sampasa-Kanyinga, Hugues); Hamilton, HA (Hamilton, Hayley A. A.); Colman, I (Colman, Ian); Leatherdale, ST (Leatherdale, Scott T. T.); Goldfield, GS (Goldfield, Gary S. S.)

Source: FRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH  Volume: 11   Published: JUN 15 2023


Title: Linking video chatting, phone calling, text messaging, and social media with peers to adolescent connectedness

Author(s): Garrett, SL (Garrett, Shedrick L.); Burnell, K (Burnell, Kaitlyn); Armstrong-Carter, EL (Armstrong-Carter, Emma L.); Prinstein, MJ (Prinstein, Mitchell J.); Telzer, EH (Telzer, Eva H.)




Title: Effects of digital game-based learning on students’ cyber wellness literacy, learning motivations, and engagement

Author(s): Wang, K (Wang, Ke); Liu, PP (Liu, Panpan); Zhang, JY (Zhang, Junyi); Zhong, JP (Zhong, Jinping); Luo, XF (Luo, Xianfei); Huang, JX (Huang, Jingxiu); Zheng, YX (Zheng, Yunxiang)

Source: SUSTAINABILITY  Volume: 15  Issue: 7   Published: APR 2023