Title: The food and beverage cues in digital marketing model: special considerations of social media, gaming, and livestreaming environments for food marketing and eating behavior research

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Title: Food marketing communication targeting children: A content analysis of research literature (2000-2023)

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Title: Food and non-alcoholic beverage marketing via Fortnite streamers on Twitch: A content analysis

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Title: Scalable surveillance of e-cigarette products on Instagram and TikTok using computer vision

Author(s): Vassey, J (Vassey, Julia); Kennedy, CJ (Kennedy, Chris J.); Herbert Chang, HC (Herbert Chang, Ho-Chun); Smith, AS (Smith, Ashley S.); Unger, JB (Unger, Jennifer B.)

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Cognitive development

Title: Digital media and developing brains: concerns and opportunities

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Title: Effects of internet and smartphone addiction on cognitive control in adolescents and young adults: A systematic review of fMRI studies

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Source: NEUROSCIENCE AND BIOBEHAVIORAL REVIEWS  Volume: 159   Published Date: 2024 APR



Title: Testing the direct and indirect relationship between media violence exposure and cyberbullying perpetration

Author(s): Barlett, CP (Barlett, Christopher P.)

Source: PSYCHOLOGY OF POPULAR MEDIA   Early Access Date: FEB 2024


Early childhood

Title: Media exposure and preschoolers’ social-cognitive development

Author(s): Lenhart, J (Lenhart, Jan); Richter, T (Richter, Tobias)



Title: Sleep and technology in early childhood

Author(s): Nathanson, AI (Nathanson, Amy I.)

Source: PSYCHIATRIC CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA  Volume: 47  Issue: 1  Pages: 15-26  Early Access Date: JAN 2024   Published: MAR 2024


Title: Family meal environment differentially conditions the prospective association between early childhood screen time and key social relationships in adolescent girls

Author(s): Harandian, K (Harandian, Kianoush); Necsa, B (Necsa, Beatrice); Barnett, TA (Barnett, Tracie A.); Pagani, LS (Pagani, Linda S.)

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Title: Associations between screen media use and young children’s inhibitory control: Evidence from behavioral and fNIRS study

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Source: COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR  Volume: 152   Early Access Date: DEC 2023


Parental mediation

Title: Connections between parental phubbing and electronic media use in young children: the mediating role of parent-child conflict and moderating effect of child emotion regulation

Author(s): Liu, XC (Liu, Xiaocen); Geng, SL (Geng, Shuliang); Lei, T (Lei, Tong); Cheng, Y (Cheng, Yan); Yu, H (Yu, Hui)

Source: BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES  Volume: 14  Issue: 2   Published: FEB 2024


Regulation/policy making

Title: Algorithms, addiction, and adolescent mental health: an Interdisciplinary study to inform state-level policy action to protect youth from the dangers of social media

Author(s): Costello, N (Costello, Nancy); Sutton, R (Sutton, Rebecca); Jones, M (Jones, Madeline); Almassian, M (Almassian, Mackenzie); Raffoul, A (Raffoul, Amanda); Ojumu, O (Ojumu, Oluwadunni); Salvia, M (Salvia, Meg); Santoso, M (Santoso, Monique); Kavanaugh, JR (Kavanaugh, Jill R.); Austin, SB (Austin, S. Bryn)

Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF LAW & MEDICINE  Volume: 49  Issue: 2-3  Pages: 135-172   Published: JUL 2023


Title: Further evidence of the association between social media use, eating disorder pathology and appearance ideals and pressure: a cross-sectional study in Norwegian adolescents

Author(s): Dahlgren, CL (Dahlgren, Camilla Lindvall); Sundgot-Borgen, C (Sundgot-Borgen, Christine); Kvalem, IL (Kvalem, Ingela Lundin); Wennersberg, AL (Wennersberg, Anne-Louise); Wisting, L (Wisting, Line)

Source: JOURNAL OF EATING DISORDERS  Volume: 12  Issue: 1   Published: FEB 29 2024


Screen content

Title: Smoking in Netflix feature films and youth protection

Author(s): Hanewinkel, R (Hanewinkel, Reiner); Neumann, C (Neumann, Clemens); Morgenstern, M (Morgenstern, Matthis)

Source: LARYNGO-RHINO-OTOLOGIE    Early Access Date: FEB 2024  Published Date: 2024 FEB 26


Screen use

Title: Private screen access in early adolescence predicts subsequent academic and social impairment at the end of school for boys and

Author(s): Gauthier, B (Gauthier, Benoit); Pagani, LS (Pagani, Linda S.)



Title: Study protocol for the Screen-Free Time with Friends feasibility trial

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Title: Digital media exposure and cognitive functioning in European children and adolescents of the I.Family study

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Group Author(s): I Family Consortium

Source: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS  Volume: 13  Issue: 1   Published: NOV 1 2023


Title: British psychological society symposium on screen use and social media among children

Author(s): Livingstone, S (Livingstone, Sonia)

Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY  Meeting Abstract: 2971IS  Volume: 58  Pages: 151-151  Supplement: 1  Published: DEC 2023


Title: Effects of excessive screen time on child development: an updated review and strategies for management

Author(s): Muppalla, SK (Muppalla, Sudheer Kumar); Vuppalapati, S (Vuppalapati, Sravya); Pulliahgaru, AR (Pulliahgaru, Apeksha Reddy); Sreenivasulu, H (Sreenivasulu, Himabindu)

Source: CUREUS JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE  Volume: 15  Issue: Published Date: 2023 JUN 1



Title: Sexualized culture on livestreaming platforms: a content analysis of

Author(s): Anciones-Anguita, K (Anciones-Anguita, Kristel); Checa-Romero, M (Checa-Romero, Mirian)

Source: HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES COMMUNICATIONS  Volume: 11  Issue: 1   Published: FEB 12 2024


Social media

Title: Social media and adolescent mental health: A consensus report of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Author(s): Galea, S (Galea, Sandro); Buckley, GJ (Buckley, Gillian J.)

Source: PNAS NEXUS  Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Published Date: 2024 FEB 1


Title: When adolescents’ self-worth depends on their social media feedback: a longitudinal investigation with depressive symptoms

Author(s): Schreurs, L (Schreurs, Lara); Lee, AY (Lee, Angela Y.); Liu, X (Liu, Xun Sunny); Hancock, JT (Hancock, Jeffrey T.)

Source: COMMUNICATION RESEARCH   Early Access Date: FEB 2024


Title: Association between social media use and substance use among middle and high school-aged youth

Author(s): Liu, J (Liu, Jessica); Charmaraman, L (Charmaraman, Linda); Bickham, D (Bickham, David)

Source: SUBSTANCE USE & MISUSE   Early Access Date: FEB 2024


Title: Use of social media, satisfaction with body image, and the risk of manifesting eating disorders

Author(s): Arjona, A (Arjona, Angeles); Monserrat, M (Monserrat, Montserrat); Checa, JC (Checa, Juan Carlos)

Source: SOCIAL SCIENCES-BASEL  Volume: 13  Issue: 2   Published: FEB 2024


Title: Further evidence of the association between social media use, eating disorder pathology and appearance ideals and pressure: a cross-sectional study in Norwegian adolescents

Author(s): Dahlgren, CL (Dahlgren, Camilla Lindvall); Sundgot-Borgen, C (Sundgot-Borgen, Christine); Kvalem, IL (Kvalem, Ingela Lundin); Wennersberg, AL (Wennersberg, Anne-Louise); Wisting, L (Wisting, Line)

Source: JOURNAL OF EATING DISORDERS  Volume: 12  Issue: 1   Published: FEB 29 2024


Title: The bidirectional relationships between fear of missing out, problematic social media use and adolescents’ well-being: A random intercept cross-lagged panel model

Author(s): Li, YY (Li, Yan-Yu); Koning, IM (Koning, Ina M.); Finkenauer, C (Finkenauer, Catrin); Boer, M (Boer, Maartje); Eijnden, RJJMV (Eijnden, Regina J. J. M. van den)

Source: COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR  Volume: 154   Published Date: 2024 MAY



Title: A controversial issue in adolescents: Is the effect of digital games on creative personality traits positive or negative?

Author(s): Kaya, A (Kaya, Ayla); Aydemir, K (Aydemir, Kadriye); Isler, A (Isler, Aysegul)

Source: ARCHIVES OF PSYCHIATRIC NURSING  Volume: 49  Pages: 67-72   Early Access Date: FEB 2024   Published: APR 2024


Title: Reduced reactivity to fear conditioning and pain tests in persons involved in violent video gaming is influenced by adverse childhood experiences

Author(s): Penzkofer, M (Penzkofer, Maximilian); Daub, J (Daub, Julia); Becker, S (Becker, Susanne); Flor, H (Flor, Herta)


Title: Adolescent gaming and parent-child emotional closeness: bivariate relationships in a longitudinal perspective

Author(s): Boson, K (Boson, Karin); Gurdal, S (Gurdal, Sevtap); Claesdotter-Knutsson, E (Claesdotter-Knutsson, Emma); Kapetanovic, S (Kapetanovic, Sabina)

Source: CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY   Early Access Date: MAR 2024  Published Date: 2024 MAR 1


Virtual reality

Title: Safety of virtual reality use in children: a systematic review

Author(s): Bexson, C (Bexson, Charlotte); Oldham, G (Oldham, Geralyn); Wray, J (Wray, Jo)

Source: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS   5  Early Access Date: MAR 2024


Title: Are virtual reality serious games safe for children? Design keys to avoid motion sickness and visual fatigue

Author(s): Martinez, K (Martinez, Kim); Checa, D (Checa, David)

Edited by: DePaolis LT; Arpaia P; Sacco M

Source: EXTENDED REALITY, XR SALENTO 2023, PT I  Book Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science  Volume: 14218  Pages: 367-377   Published: 2023


Title: The Relationship between movie violence and violent behavior in adolescents: a cross-sectional population-based study in Isfahan, Iran

Author(s): Golshiri, P (Golshiri, Parastoo); Farajzadegan, Z (Farajzadegan, Ziba); Mirzaean, M (Mirzaean, Maryam); Motamedi, N (Motamedi, Narges)