Title: US digital tobacco marketing and youth: A narrative review

Author(s): Venrick, SJ (Venrick, Samantha J.); Kelley, DE (Kelley, Dannielle E.); O’Brien, E (O’Brien, Erin); Margolis, KA (Margolis, Katherine A.); Navarro, MA (Navarro, Mario A.); Alexander, JP (Alexander, Jennifer P.); O’Donnell, AN (O’Donnell, Allison N.)

Source: PREVENTIVE MEDICINE REPORTS  Volume: 31   Early Access Date: DEC 2022   Published: FEB 2023  


Title: Tracking teen food marketing: Participatory research to examine persuasive power and platforms of exposure

Author(s): Elliott, C (Elliott, Charlene); Truman, E (Truman, Emily); Black, JE (Black, Jason Edward)

Source: APPETITE  Volume: 186   Early Access Date: APR 2023   Published: JUL 1 2023  


Early Childhood

Title: Does digital media use contribute to decreased expressive language skills of pre-school-aged children? An exploratory study in Portuguese children

Author(s): Monteiro, R (Monteiro, Rita); Ferreira, S (Ferreira, Simao); Fernandes, S (Fernandes, Sandra); Rocha, N (Rocha, Nuno)



Title: The impact of screen exposure on attention abilities in young children: a systematic review

Author(s): Jourdren, M (Jourdren, Marie); Bucaille, A (Bucaille, Aurelie); Ropars, J (Ropars, Juliette)

Source: PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY  Volume: 142  Pages: 76-88   Early Access Date: MAR 2023   Published: MAY 2023  


Title: Cross-sectional associations between early mobile device usage and problematic behaviors among school-aged children in the Hokkaido Study on Environment and Children’s Health

Author(s): Miyashita, C (Miyashita, Chihiro); Yamazaki, K (Yamazaki, Keiko); Tamura, N (Tamura, Naomi); Ikeda-Araki, A (Ikeda-Araki, Atsuko); Suyama, S (Suyama, Satoshi); Hikage, T (Hikage, Takashi); Omiya, M (Omiya, Manabu); Mizuta, M (Mizuta, Masahiro); Kishi, R (Kishi, Reiko)




Title: Digital eye strain in young screen users: A systematic review

Author(s): Mataftsi, A (Mataftsi, Asimina); Seliniotaki, AK (Seliniotaki, Aikaterini K.); Moutzouri, S (Moutzouri, Stella); Prousali, E (Prousali, Efthymia); Darusman, KR (Darusman, Kianti R.); Adio, AO (Adio, Adedayo O.); Haidich, AB (Haidich, Anna-Bettina); Nischal, KK (Nischal, Ken K.)

Source: PREVENTIVE MEDICINE  Volume: 170   Published: MAY 2023  



Title: Res@t: Resource-strengthening training for adolescents with problematic digital-media use and their parents

Author(s): Paschke, K (Paschke, Kerstin); Cloes, JO (Cloes, Jan-Ole); Thomasius, R (Thomasius, Rainer)

Source: SUCHT-ZEITSCHRIFT FUR WISSENSCHAFT UND PRAXIS  Volume: 69  Issue: 2  Pages: 75-85   Published: APR 2023  


Language Development

Title: Does digital media use contribute to decreased expressive language skills of pre-school-aged children? An exploratory study in Portuguese children

Author(s): Monteiro, R (Monteiro, Rita); Ferreira, S (Ferreira, Simao); Fernandes, S (Fernandes, Sandra); Rocha, N (Rocha, Nuno)



Mobile Phones

Title: Preventing selfie-related incidents: Taking a public health approach to reduce unnecessary burden on emergency medicine services

Author(s): Cornell, S (Cornell, Samuel); Brander, RW (Brander, Robert W.); Peden, AE (Peden, Amy E.)

Source: EMERGENCY MEDICINE AUSTRALASIA   Early Access Date: APR 2023   


Title: Nature exposure is associated with reduced smartphone use

Author(s): Minor, K (Minor, Kelton); Glavind, KL (Glavind, Kristoffer Lind); Schwartz, AJ (Schwartz, Aaron J.); Danforth, CM (Danforth, Christopher M.); Lehmann, S (Lehmann, Sune); Bjerre-Nielsen, A (Bjerre-Nielsen, Andreas)

Source: ENVIRONMENT AND BEHAVIOR   Early Access Date: APR 2023   


Parental Mediation

Title: Parent beliefs and child media use: stress and digital skills as moderators

Author(s): Griffith, SF (Griffith, Shayl F.)

Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY  Volume: 86   Early Access Date: MAR 2023   Published: MAY-JUN 2023  


Title: Spying on kids’ smart devices: beware of security vulnerabilities!

Author(s): Bin Azhar, MAH (Bin Azhar, M. A. Hannan); Smith, D (Smith, Danny); Cain, A (Cain, Aimee)

Edited by: Jahankhani H

Source: CYBERSECURITY IN THE AGE OF SMART SOCIETIES, 2022  Book Series: Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications  Pages: 123-140  Published: 2023  


Title: Parental influences on excessive Internet use among adolescents

Author(s): O’Reilly, C (O’Reilly, Conor); Mohan, G (Mohan, Gretta)

Source: INTERNET RESEARCH  Volume: 33  Issue: 7  Pages: 86-110   Published: MAY 4 2023  


Title: Roadblocks and resistance: Digital mediation as a process of calibration among U.S. parents of adolescents

Author(s): Young, R (Young, Rachel); Tully, M (Tully, Melissa)

Source: JOURNAL OF CHILDREN AND MEDIA  Early Access Date: MAY 2023   


Title: Masters of media: A longitudinal study of parental media efficacy, media monitoring, and child problematic media use across early childhood in the United States

Author(s): Coyne, SM (Coyne, Sarah M.); Rogers, A (Rogers, Adam); Holmgren, HG (Holmgren, Hailey G.); Booth, MA (Booth, McCall A.); Van Alfen, M (Van Alfen, Megan); Harris, H (Harris, Holly); Barr, R (Barr, Rachel); Padilla-Walker, LM (Padilla-Walker, Laura M.); Sheppard, JA (Sheppard, J. Andan); Shawcroft, J (Shawcroft, Jane); Ober, M (Ober, MarjAnn)

Source: JOURNAL OF CHILDREN AND MEDIA  Early Access Date: APR 2023   


Physical Development

Title: Screen time and low back pain in children and adolescents: a systematic review of Brazilian studies

Author(s): Guerra, PH (Guerra, Paulo Henrique); Martelo, R (Martelo, Raquel); da Silva, MN (da Silva, Maieli Naiara); de Andrade, GF (de Andrade, Giovana Frazon); Christofaro, DGD (Christofaro, Diego Giulliano Destro); Loch, MR (Loch, Mathias Roberto)

Source: REVISTA PAULISTA DE PEDIATRIA  Volume: 41  Published: 2023  



Title: Obscenity detection in videos through a sequential ConvNet pipeline classifier

Author(s): Gautam, N (Gautam, Neil); Vishwakarma, DK (Vishwakarma, Dinesh Kumar)

Source: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COGNITIVE AND DEVELOPMENTAL SYSTEMS  Volume: 15  Issue: 1  Pages: 310-318  Published: MAR 2023  



Title: Helping youth navigate privacy protection: developing and testing the children’s online privacy scale

Author(s): Andrews, JC (Andrews, J. Craig); Walker, KL (Walker, Kristen L. L.); Netemeyer, RG (Netemeyer, Richard G. G.); Kees, J (Kees, Jeremy)

Source: JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY & MARKETING  Early Access Date: APR 2023   


Title: Child’s privacy versus mother’s fame: unravelling the biased decision-making process of momfluencers to portray their children online

Author(s): Van den Abeele, E (Van den Abeele, Elisabeth); Vanwesenbeeck, I (Vanwesenbeeck, Ini); Hudders, L (Hudders, Liselot)

Source: INFORMATION COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY   Early Access Date: APR 2023   


Regulation/Policy Making

Title: Supporting children’s drama in the on demand age: Assessing the efficacy of forty years of Australian policy frameworks and funding schemes

Author(s): Potter, A (Potter, Anna)

Source: CRITICAL STUDIES IN TELEVISION   Early Access Date: APR 2023   


Screen Content

Title: Online extreme challenges putting children at risk: what we know to date

Author(s): Astorri, E (Astorri, Elisa); Clerici, G (Clerici, Giovanna); Gallo, G (Gallo, Giulia); Raina, P (Raina, Paola); Pellai, A (Pellai, Alberto)

Source: MINERVA PEDIATRICS  Volume: 75  Issue: 1  Pages: 98-109   Published: FEB 2023  


Screen Use

Title: Screen time among school-aged children of aged 6-14: a systematic review

Author(s): Qi, JB (Qi, Jingbo); Yan, YJ (Yan, Yujie); Yin, H (Yin, Hui)

Source: GLOBAL HEALTH RESEARCH AND POLICY  Volume: 8  Issue: 1   Published: APR 19 2023  


Title: The relationship between the use of Touch Screen Devices and interference suppression in children aged 5-11

Author(s): Buhrs, S (Buhrs, Susan); van Amelsvoort, T (van Amelsvoort, Therese); Strik, J (Strik, Jacqueline); Roggeveen, S (Roggeveen, Suzanne); Lousberg, R (Lousberg, Richel)

Source: APPLIED NEUROPSYCHOLOGY-CHILD   Early Access Date: MAY 2023   



Title: Children’s mobile-gaming preferences, online risks, and mental health

Author(s): Hou, CY (Hou, Chun-Yin); Rutherford, R (Rutherford, Ru); Chang, H (Chang, Hsi); Chang, FC (Chang, Fong-Ching); Shumei, L (Shumei, Liu); Chiu, CH (Chiu, Chiung-Hui); Chen, PH (Chen, Ping-Hung); Chiang, JT (Chiang, Jeng-Tung); Miao, NF (Miao, Nae-Fang); Chuang, HY (Chuang, Hung-Yi); Tseng, CC (Tseng, Chie-Chien)

Source: PLOS ONE  Volume: 17  Issue: 12   Published: DEC 1 2022  


Title: Association between video gaming time and cognitive functions: A cross-sectional study of Chinese children and adolescents

Author(s): Hong, JY (Hong, Jiangyue); Su, Y (Su, Yi); Wang, JH (Wang, Jinghan); Xu, XJ (Xu, Xuejing); Qu, W (Qu, Wei); Fan, HZ (Fan, Hongzhen); Tan, YL (Tan, Yunlong); Wang, ZR (Wang, Zhiren); Zhao, YL (Zhao, Yanli); Tan, SP (Tan, Shuping)

Source: ASIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY  Volume: 84   Early Access Date: APR 2023   Published: JUN 2023