Title: Protection of children from the abuses of advertising

Author(s): Quiros, JJM (Quiros, Jose Justo Megias)

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Cognitive development

Title: Longitudinal relations of screen time duration and content with executive function difficulties in South Korean children

Author(s): Kim, J (Kim, Juyoung); Tsethlikai, M (Tsethlikai, Monica)

Source: JOURNAL OF CHILDREN AND MEDIA   Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 24 


COVID impacts

Title: Impacts caused by the use of screens during the COVID-19 pandemic in children and adolescents: an integrative review

Author(s): Resende, MAA (Resende, Maria Alice Aparecida); da Fonseca, ML (da Fonseca, Mariana Luiza); de Freitas, JT (de Freitas, Jessica Tertuliano); Gesteira, ECR (Gesteira, Elaine Cristina Rodrigues); Rossato, LM (Rossato, Lisabelle Mariano)

Source: REVISTA PAULISTA DE PEDIATRIA   Volume: 42  Published Date: 2024  



Title: Cyberbullying intervention and prevention programmes in primary education (6 to 12 years): A systematic review

Author(s): Chicote-Beato, M (Chicote-Beato, Mercedes); González-Víllora, S (Gonzalez-Villora, Sixto); Bodoque-Osma, AR (Bodoque-Osma, Ana Rosa); Navarro, R (Navarro, Raul)

Source: AGGRESSION AND VIOLENT BEHAVIOR  Volume: 77  Early Access Date:  MAR 2024  Published Date: 2024 JUL-AUG 


Early childhood

Title: Evaluation of screen time in children under five years old

Author(s): Mutlu, N (Mutlu, Nese); Dinleyici, M (Dinleyici, Meltem)

Source: CUREUS JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE   Volume: 16  Issue:Published Date: 2024 FEB 19 


Title: Young children and the creation of a digital identity on social networking sites: scoping review

Author(s): Berg, V (Berg, Valeska); Arabiat, D (Arabiat, Diana); Morelius, E (Morelius, Evalotte); Kervin, L (Kervin, Lisa); Zgambo, M (Zgambo, Maggie); Robinson, S (Robinson, Suzanne); Jenkins, M (Jenkins, Mark); Whitehead, L (Whitehead, Lisa)

Source: JMIR PEDIATRICS AND PARENTING   Volume: 7   Published Date: 2024  


Title: Evaluation of the association between excessive screen use, sleep patterns and behavioral and cognitive aspects in preschool population. A systematic review

Author(s): Merín, L; Toledano-González, A; Fernández-Aguilar, L; Nieto, M; Del Olmo. N; Latorre, JM

Source European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry  Published Date: 2024 Apr


Title: Mobile device screen time is associated with poorer language development among toddlers: results from a large-scale survey

Author(s): Rayce, SB (Rayce, Signe Boe); Okholm, GT (Okholm, Gunhild Tidemann); Flensborg-Madsen, T (Flensborg-Madsen, Trine)

Source: BMC PUBLIC HEALTH  Volume: 24  Issue:Published Date: 2024 APR 15 


Title: The immediate impacts of TV programs on preschoolers’ executive functions and attention: a systematic review

Author(s): Namazi, SA (Namazi, Sara Arian); Sadeghi, S (Sadeghi, Saeid)

Source: BMC PSYCHOLOGY  Volume: 12  Issue:Published Date: 2024 APR 24 


Title: Is screen exposure beneficial or detrimental to language development in infants and toddlers? A meta-analysis

Author(s): Xie, WL (Xie, Wanlin); Lu, JJ (Lu, Jinjin); Lin, XY (Lin, Xunyi)

Source: EARLY CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND CARE  Early Access Date:  MAY 2024  Published Date: 2024 MAY 7 



Title: Priming young minds: the appeal of gambling advertising to children and young people

Author(s): Rossi, R (Rossi, Raffaello); Nairn, A (Nairn, Agnes)

Source: JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR CONSUMER RESEARCH   Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 1 


Title: Online gambling patterns and predictors of problem gambling among Korean adolescents during the covid-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Sohn, YS (Sohn, Young-Sil); Son, H (Son, Hyunmi)

Source: ASIAN NURSING RESEARCH   Volume: 18  Issue:Pages: 20-27  Published Date: 2024 FEB 


Title: ‘Getting addicted to it and losing a lot of money… it’s just like a hole.’ A grounded theory model of how social determinants shape adolescents’ choices to not gamble

Author(s): Hing, N (Hing, Nerilee); Thorne, H (Thorne, Hannah); Lole, L (Lole, Lisa); Sproston, K (Sproston, Kerry); Hodge, N (Hodge, Nicole); Rockloff, M (Rockloff, Matthew)

Source: BMC PUBLIC HEALTH  Volume: 24  Issue:Published Date: 2024 MAY 9 



Title: A multi-dimensional assessment of internet gaming disorder in children and adolescents: A case-control study

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Source: WORK-A JOURNAL OF PREVENTION ASSESSMENT & REHABILITATION   Volume: 77  Issue:Pages: 1089-1099  Published Date: 2024  


Title: Enhancing child safety in online gaming: the development and application of Protectbot, an AI-powered chatbot framework

Author(s): Faraz, A (Faraz, Anum); Ahsan, F (Ahsan, Fardin); Mounsef, J (Mounsef, Jinane); Karamitsos, I (Karamitsos, Ioannis); Kanavos, A (Kanavos, Andreas)

Source: INFORMATION  Volume: 15  Issue:Published Date: 2024 APR 


Title: When the relationship is at stake: parents’ perception of the relationship with a child with problematic gaming and their perceived need for support

Author(s): Werner, M (Werner, Marie); Kapetanovic, S (Kapetanovic, Sabina); Nielsen, M (Nielsen, Maiken); Gurdal, S (Gurdal, Sevtap); Andersson, MJ (Andersson, Mitchell J.); Panican, A (Panican, Alexandru); Claesdotter-Knutsson, E (Claesdotter-Knutsson, Emma)

Source: HEALTHCARE   Volume: 12  Issue:Published Date: 2024 APR 


Language development

Title: Unsupervised screen exposure and poor language development: a scoping review to assess current evidence and suggest priorities for research

Author(s): Korres, G (Korres, Georgios); Kourklidou, M (Kourklidou, Melina); Sideris, G (Sideris, Giorgos); Bastaki, D (Bastaki, Despoina); Demagkou, A (Demagkou, Aikaterini); Riga, M (Riga, Maria); Gogoulos, P (Gogoulos, Panagiotis); Nikolopoulos, T (Nikolopoulos, Thomas); Delides, A (Delides, Alexander)

Source: CUREUS JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE  Volume: 16  Issue:Published Date: 2024 MAR 19 


Media literacy

Title: How does Google get its information?: Children’s judgements about Google search

Author(s): Girouard-Hallam, LN (Girouard-Hallam, Lauren N.); Danovitch, JH (Danovitch, Judith H.)

Source: BRITISH JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY   Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 18 


Mobile phones

Title: Risk of using smartphones while walking for digital natives in realistic environments: Effects of cognitive-motor interference

Author(s): Lee, Y (Lee, Yungon); Shin, S (Shin, Sunghoon)

Source: HELIYON   Volume: 10  Issue:Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 15 


Title: Adolescents’ loneliness and problematic smartphone use: The mediating role of upward social comparison and the moderating role of self-identity

Author(s): Shao, SY (Shao, Siyang); Mao, NN (Mao, Ningning); Zhang, ZT (Zhang, Zhengtian); Yang, M (Yang, Mo); He, SY (He, Siyu); Yue, XD (Yue, Xiaodong); Li, CH (Li, Chieh); Cui, LX (Cui, Lixia)

Source: PSYCHOLOGY IN THE SCHOOLS   Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 22 


Title: Association between smartphone use, smartphone addiction and mental health in teenagers: a structural equation modeling approach

Author(s): Pires, RCR (Pires, Romulo Cesar Rezzo); Reinert, APRP (Reinert, Ana Paula Rezzo Pires); Cantanhede, AM (Cantanhede, Andrea Martins); Pinheiro, JABB (Pinheiro, Joseana Araujo Bezzera Brasil)

Source: REVISTA TECNOLOGIA E SOCIEDADE   Volume: 20  Issue: 59  Pages: 50-63  Published Date: 2024 JAN-MAR 


Title: Smartphones at school: a mixed-methods analysis of educators’ and students’ perspectives on mobile phone use at school

Author(s): Gath, ME (Gath, Megan E.); Monk, L (Monk, Lauren); Scott, A (Scott, Amy); Gillon, GT (Gillon, Gail T.)

Source: EDUCATION SCIENCES   Volume: 14  Issue:Published Date: 2024 APR 


Parental mediation

Title: Digital parenting and its impact on early childhood development: A scoping review

Author(s): Choy, YN (Choy, Yun Nga); Lau, EYH (Lau, Eva Yi Hung); Wu, DD (Wu, Dandan)

Source: EDUCATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES  Early Access Date:  MAY 2024  Published Date: 2024 MAY 7 


Title: Effective parental strategies against problematic smartphone use among adolescents: A 6-month prospective study

Author(s): Efrati, Y (Efrati, Yaniv); Rosenberg, H (Rosenberg, Hananel); Ophir, Y (Ophir, Yaakov)

Source: ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS  Volume: 154  Early Access Date:  MAR 2024  Published Date: 2024 JUL 


Title: A comparison of parenting strategies in a digital environment: a systematic literature review

Author(s): Banic, L (Banic, Leonarda); Orehovacki, T (Orehovacki, Tihomir)

Source: MULTIMODAL TECHNOLOGIES AND INTERACTION  Volume:Issue: 4    Published Date: 2024 APR 


Problematic internet use

Title: Problematic usage of the internet among Hungarian elementary school children: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Szapary, A (Szapary, Adam); Feher, G (Feher, Gergely); Radvanyi, I (Radvanyi, Ildiko); Fejes, E (Fejes, Eva); Nagy, GD (Nagy, Gabor Daniel); Jancsak, C (Jancsak, Csaba); Horvath, L (Horvath, Lilla); Banko, Z (Banko, Zoltan); Berke, G (Berke, Gyula); Kapus, K (Kapus, Krisztian)

Source: BMC PUBLIC HEALTH  Volume: 24  Issue:Published Date: 2024 APR 17 


Title: The impact of screen exposure on screen addiction and sensory processing in typically developing children aged 6-10 years

Author(s): Tekeci, Y (Tekeci, Yasin); Torpil, B (Torpil, Berkan); Altuntas, O (Altuntas, Onur)

Source: CHILDREN-BASEL  Volume: 11  Issue:Published Date: 2024 APR 


Regulation/policy making

Title: From TV to social media to “ambient” AI: Insights from 30 years of children’s media policy in the United States

Author(s): Jordan, A (Jordan, Amy); Natarajan, N (Natarajan, Nikhila)

Source: JOURNAL OF CHILDREN AND MEDIA  Early Access Date: MAY 2024  Published Date: 2024 MAY 2 



Title: Associations of excessive internet use, sleep duration and physical activity with school absences: a cross-sectional, population-based study of adolescents in years 8 and 9

Author(s): Kosola, S (Kosola, Silja); Kullberg, M (Kullberg, Marianne); Melander, K (Melander, Katja); Engblom, J (Engblom, Janne); Ranta, K (Ranta, Klaus); Alanko, K (Alanko, Katarina)

Source: ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD   Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 16 


Social media

Title: Social media effects on well-being: The hypothesis of addiction of a new variety

Author(s): Pugno, M (Pugno, Maurizio)

Source: KYKLOS  Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 29 


Title: Social media: a digital social mirror for identity development during adolescence

Author(s): Pérez-Torres, V (Perez-Torres, Vanesa)

Source: CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY  Early Access Date: APR 2024  Published Date: 2024 APR 24 


Title: In their own words: how adolescents use social media and how it affects them

Author(s): van der Wal, A (van der Wal, Amber); Valkenburg, PM (Valkenburg, Patti M.); van Driel, II (van Driel, Irene I.)

Source: SOCIAL MEDIA + SOCIETY   Volume: 10  Issue:Published Date: 2024 APR 


Title: The impact of social media use on psychiatric symptoms and well-being of children and adolescents in the post-COVID-19 era: a four-year longitudinal study

Author(s): Shoshani, A (Shoshani, Anat); Kor, A (Kor, Ariel); Bar, S (Bar, Shira)

Source: EUROPEAN CHILD & ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY  Early Access Date:  MAY 2024  Published Date: 2024 MAY 2 


Title: Social network analysis of e-cigarette-related social media influencers on Twitter/X: observational study

Author(s): Zhou, RT (Zhou, Runtao); Xie, ZD (Xie, Zidian); Tang, QH (Tang, Qihang); Li, DM (Li, Dongmei)

Source: JMIR FORMATIVE RESEARCH   Volume: 8   Published Date: 2024  


Title: Social media use, brand engagement, and tobacco product initiation among youth: Evidence from a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Ranker, LR (Ranker, Lynsie R.); Wu, JX (Wu, Jiaxi); Hong, TC (Hong, Traci); Wijaya, D (Wijaya, Derry); Benjamin, EJ (Benjamin, Emelia J.); Bhatnagar, A (Bhatnagar, Aruni); Robertson, RM (Robertson, Rose M.); Fetterman, JL (Fetterman, Jessica L.); Xuan, ZM (Xuan, Ziming)

Source: ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS  Volume: 154  Early Access Date: MAR 2024  Published Date: 2024 JUL 


Title: Social media use and adolescents’ mental health and well-being: an umbrella review

Author(s): Sala, A (Sala, Arianna); Porcaro, L (Porcaro, Lorenzo); Gómez, E (Gomez, Emilia)

Source: COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR REPORTS   Volume: 14  Published Date: 2024 MAY 



Title: Relationship between the consumption of PEGI18 video games with explicit violence, bullying, and cyberbullying

Author(s): Rial-Boubeta, A (Rial-Boubeta, Antonio); Theotonio, A (Theotonio, Alvaro); Paz, AND (Neira-de Paz, Alejandro); Braña-Tobio, T (Brana-Tobio, Teresa); Varela-Mallou, J (Varela-Mallou, Jesus)

Source: PSYCHOLOGY SOCIETY & EDUCATION   Volume: 16  Issue:Pages: 10-19  Published Date: 2024  


Title: Game behaviors among adolescent MOBA gamers in China: the effects of demographics, trait aggression, and game motivations

Author(s): Chen, S (Chen, Shuai); Mao, B (Mao, Bo); Wang, X (Wang, Xu); Wei, MC (Wei, Mingchen); Liu, YL (Liu, Yanling)

Source: PRESENCE-VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY  Volume: 32  Pages: 163-177  Published Date: 2023 DEC 1