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Title: Alcohol social media marketing in Hong Kong: a content analysis of Facebook posts

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Title: “Tag a person who loves candy” – sociocultural approach to unhealthy food marketing to adolescents in social media

Author(s): Sutinen, UM (Sutinen, Ulla-Maija); Luukkonen, R (Luukkonen, Roosa); Narvanen, E (Narvanen, Elina)

Source: YOUNG CONSUMERS   Early Access Date: OCT 2023   


Title: Youth’s exposure to and engagement with e-cigarette marketing on social media: a UK focus group study

Author(s): Smith, MJ (Smith, Marissa J.); Hilton, S (Hilton, Shona)

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Title: Exposure effects to unfamiliar food advertisements on YouTube: A randomized controlled trial among adolescents

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Source: FOOD QUALITY AND PREFERENCE  Volume: 111   Early Access Date: SEP 2023   Published: OCT 2023  


Title: Are US food and beverage companies now advertising healthy products to children on television? An evaluation of improvements in industry self-regulation, 2017-2021

Author(s): Jensen, ML (Jensen, Melissa L.); Fleming-Milici, F (Fleming-Milici, Frances); Harris, JL (Harris, Jennifer L.)



Title: Advertising exposure from online and offline sources and youth tobacco use: findings from the adolescents, place, and behavior study

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Source: NICOTINE & TOBACCO RESEARCH   Early Access Date: AUG 2023   



Body Image

Title: Does the media ideal internalization affect social appearance anxiety among male and female adolescents? The mediation of negative physical self

Author(s): Wang, LX (Wang, Lixia); Tan, MQ (Tan, Meiqi); Fan, LY (Fan, Liyan); Xue, YK (Xue, Yukang); Li, YH (Li, Yahong); Zhou, SZ (Zhou, Shuzhi); Gu, CH (Gu, Chuanhua)

Source: CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY   Early Access Date: SEP 2023   


Title: Body satisfaction and screen media usage in Spanish schoolchildren

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COVID Impacts

Title: Predictors of screen exposure among infants under 2 years of age during the COVID-19 pandemic

Author(s): Campos, LB (Campos, Livia Branco); Kcrmar, M (Kcrmar, Marina); Osório, AAC (Osorio, Ana Alexandra Caldas)

Source: Infant Behavior and Development Volume 73, November 2023, 101885




Title: Characteristics and effectiveness of interventions to reduce cyberbullying: a systematic review

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Title: Successful and emerging cyberbullying prevention programs: a narrative review of seventeen interventions applied worldwide

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Title: Cyberbullying and sleep disturbance among early adolescents in the US

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Source: ACADEMIC PEDIATRICS  Volume: 23  Issue: 6  Pages: 1220-1225 Published: AUG 2023  



Early Childhood

Title: Screen time and developmental performance among children at 1-3 years of age in the Japan environment and children’s study

Author(s): Yamamoto, M (Yamamoto, Midori); Mezawa, H (Mezawa, Hidetoshi); Sakurai, K (Sakurai, Kenichi); Mori, C (Mori, Chisato); Japan Environment Childrens Study Grp (Japan Environment Childrens Study Grp)

Source: JAMA PEDIATRICS Early Access Date: SEP 2023   




Title: A bad bet for sports fans: the case for ending the “gamblification” of sport

Author(s): Hing, N (Hing, Nerilee); Rockloff, M (Rockloff, Matthew); Browne, M (Browne, Matthew)

Source: SPORT MANAGEMENT REVIEW   Early Access Date: SEP 2023   




Title: A systematic review of the association of internet gaming disorder and excessive social media use with psychiatric comorbidities in children and adolescents: is it a curse or a blessing?

Author(s): Ghali, S (Ghali, Sally); Afifi, S (Afifi, Shadin); Suryadevara, V (Suryadevara, Vineet); Habab, Y (Habab, Yaman); Hutcheson, A (Hutcheson, Alana); Panjiyar, BK (Panjiyar, Binay K.); Davydov, GG (Davydov, Gershon G.); Nashat, H (Nashat, Hiba); Nath, TS (Nath, Tuheen Sankar)

Source: CUREUS JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE  Volume: 15  Issue: 8   Published: AUG 21 2023  


Title: When internet-gaming time may increase internet gaming disorder symptoms of adolescents: application of self-determination theory

Author(s): She, R (She, Rui); Wang, X (Wang, Xin); Yang, X (Yang, Xue)

Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE  Meeting Abstract: 294  Volume: 30  Pages: S117-S118  Supplement: 1  Published: OCT 2023  



Mobile Phones

Title: Perceived smartphone addiction predicts ADHD symptomatology in middle school adolescents: A longitudinal study

Author(s): Sihoe, CE (Sihoe, Christopher Emmett); Mueller, U (Mueller, Ulrich); Liu, SM (Liu, Sam)

Source: COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR REPORTS  Volume: 12   Published: DEC 2023  



Physical Development

Title: Associations between type and timing of sedentary behaviour and affect in adolescents: An ecological momentary assessment study

Author(s): Bourke, M (Bourke, Matthew); Phillips, SM (Phillips, Sophie M.)

Source: MENTAL HEALTH AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY  Volume: 25   Early Access Date: AUG 2023   Published: OCT 2023  




Title: ‘Treat me as your friend, not a number in your database’: Co-designing with children to cope with datafication online

Author(s): Wang, G (Wang, Ge); Zhao, J (Zhao, Jun); Van Kleek, M (Van Kleek, Max); Shadbolt, N (Shadbolt, Nigel)



Title: A digital space of one’s own: rethinking children’s online privacy

Author(s): Belmer, S (Belmer, Stephanie)

Source: CANADIAN JOURNAL OF LAW AND SOCIETY  Volume: 38  Issue: 2  Pages: 266-285   Published: AUG 2023  



Regulation/Policy Making

Title: Welcome to television: regulating alcohol marketing on television in Australia to protect the health of young people

Author(s): O’Brien, P (O’Brien, Paula)

Source: JOURNAL OF LAW AND MEDICINE  Volume: 30  Issue: 2  Pages: 310-325  Published: 2023  


Title: DeepCens: A deep learning-based system for real-time image and video censorship

Author(s): Yuksel, AS (Yuksel, Asim Sinan); Tan, FG (Tan, Fatma Gulsah)

Source: EXPERT SYSTEMS   Early Access Date: AUG 2023   



Screen Use

Title: Use of screens and intake of unhealthy food among children and adolescents: association with physical activity in a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Barros, AKC (Barros, Anna Karolina Cerqueira); de Jesus, GM (de Jesus, Gilmar Merces); Vieira, GO (Vieira, Graciete Oliveira); Dias, LA (Dias, Lizziane Andrade)

Source: BMC NUTRITION  Volume: 9  Issue: 1   Published: SEP 18 2023  


Title: Why haven’t you texted me back? Adolescents’ digital entrapment, friendship conflict, and perceived general health

Author(s): Fox, KA (Fox, Kara A.); Nick, E (Nick, Elizabeth); Nesi, J (Nesi, Jacqueline); Telzer, EH (Telzer, Eva H.); Prinstein, MJ (Prinstein, Mitchell J.)





Title: Bedtime screen use behaviors and sleep outcomes: findings from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study

Author(s): Nagata, JM (Nagata, Jason M.); Singh, G (Singh, Gurbinder); Yang, JH (Yang, Joanne H.); Smith, N (Smith, Natalia); Kiss, O (Kiss, Orsolya); Ganson, KT (Ganson, Kyle T.); Testa, A (Testa, Alexander); Jackson, DB (Jackson, Dylan B.); Baker, FC (Baker, Fiona C.)

Source: SLEEP HEALTH  Volume: 9  Issue: 4  Pages: 497-502   Published: AUG 2023  


Title: Adolescent use of social media and associations with sleep patterns across 18 European and North American countries

Author(s): Boniel-Nissim, M (Boniel-Nissim, Meyran); Tynjala, J (Tynjala, Jorma); Gobina, I (Gobina, Inese); Furstova, J (Furstova, Jana); van den Eijnden, RJJM (Van den Eijnden, Regina J. J. M.); Marino, C (Marino, Claudia); Klanscek, HJ (Klanscek, Helena Jericek); Klavina-Makrecka, S (Klavina-Makrecka, Solvita); Villerus, A (Villerus, Anita); Lahti, H (Lahti, Henri); Vieno, A (Vieno, Alessio); Wong, SL (Wong, Suzy L.); Villberg, J (Villberg, Jari); Inchley, J (Inchley, Joanna); Gariepy, G (Gariepy, Genevieve)

Source: SLEEP HEALTH  Volume: 9  Issue: 3  Pages: 314-321  005  Published: JUN 2023  



Social Media

Title: Social media and adolescent mental health

Author(s): Yue, ZY (Yue, Zhiying); Rich, M (Rich, Michael)

Source: CURRENT PEDIATRICS REPORTS   Early Access Date: SEP 2023   


Title: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the relationship between youth drinking, self-posting of alcohol use and other social media engagement (2012-21)

Author(s): Cheng, BD (Cheng, Brandon); Lim, CCW (Lim, Carmen C. W.); Rutherford, BN (Rutherford, Brienna N.); Huang, S (Huang, Sandy); Ashley, DP (Ashley, Daniel P.); Johnson, B (Johnson, Ben); Chung, J (Chung, Jack); Chan, GCK (Chan, Gary C. K.); Coates, JM (Coates, Jason M.); Gullo, MJ (Gullo, Matthew J.); Connor, JP (Connor, Jason P.)

Source: ADDICTION   Early Access Date: SEP 2023


Title: Differences in perceived online communication and disclosing e-motions among adolescents and young adults: The role of specific social media features and social anxiety

Author(s): Angelini, F (Angelini, Federica); Gini, G (Gini, Gianluca)

Source: JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENCE   Early Access Date: OCT 2023   


Title: Associations between social media, adolescent mental health, and diet: A systematic review

Author(s): Blanchard, L (Blanchard, Laurence); Conway-Moore, K (Conway-Moore, Kaitlin); Aguiar, A (Aguiar, Anaely); Önal, F (Onal, Furkan); Rutter, H (Rutter, Harry); Helleve, A (Helleve, Arnfinn); Nwosu, E (Nwosu, Emmanuel); Falcone, J (Falcone, Jane); Savona, N (Savona, Natalie); Boyland, E (Boyland, Emma); Knai, C (Knai, Cecile)

Source: OBESITY REVIEWS  Volume: 24  Special Issue: SI   Supplement: 2  Published: SEP 2023  


Title: Social media use and subsequent e-cigarette susceptibility, initiation, and continued use Among US adolescents

Author(s): Lee, J (Lee, Juhan); Krishnan-Sarin, S (Krishnan-Sarin, Suchitra); Kong, G (Kong, Grace)

Source: PREVENTING CHRONIC DISEASE  Volume: 20   Published: SEP 2023  



Social Development

Title: Daily use of digital technologies to feel better: Adolescents; digital emotion regulation, emotions, loneliness, and recovery, considering prior emotional problems

Author(s): Scott, RA (Scott, Riley A.); Zimmer-Gembeck, MJ (Zimmer-Gembeck, Melanie J.); Gardner, AA (Gardner, Alex A.); Hawes, T (Hawes, Tanya); Modecki, KL (Modecki, Kathryn L.); Duffy, AL (Duffy, Amanda L.); Farrell, LJ (Farrell, Lara J.); Waters, AM (Waters, Allison M.)

Source: JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENCE   Early Access Date: OCT 2023