Title: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of digital game-based or influencer food and non-alcoholic beverage marketing on children and adolescents: Exploring hierarchy of effects outcomes

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Early Childhood

Title: Representation of young children and preschoolers on their parents’ instagram profiles

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Media Literacy

Title: The effectiveness of game coding education on problematic internet gaming

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Mobile Phones

Title: The effects of fragmented and sticky smartphone use on distraction and task delay

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Parental Mediation

Title: Active Parental Mediation and Adolescent Problematic Internet Use: The Mediating Role of Parent-Child Relationships and Hiding Online Behavior

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Title: Role of parenting practices and digital media on beverage intake in European schoolchildren of different weight status. Feel4Diabetes-study

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Title: Pilot study of a screen-free week: exploration of changes in parent and child screen time, parent well-being and attitudes, and parent-child relationship quality

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Physical Development

Title: Influence of smartphone game play on head flexion angle, muscle activity, and load at C7 among adolescents

Author(s): Dandumahanti, BP (Dandumahanti, Bhanu Priya); Subramaniyam, M (Subramaniyam, Murali)

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Regulation/Policy Making

Title: Industry approaches in handling online exploitation of children: A comparative study of the policy, guidelines and best practices in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia

Author(s): Cooray, MAE (Cooray, Manique A. E.); Rajuhan, ISB (Rajuhan, Iman Syamil Bin Ahmad); Adnan, WNAB (Adnan, Wan Nur Addibah Binti)

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Title: State-business-civic partnerships in children’s film policy: the roles of the CFD/CEF Advisory Council in post-war Britain

Author(s): Terui, T (Terui, Takao)




Author(s): Cahillane, CE (Cahillane, Charles E.)

Source: GAMING LAW REVIEW-ECONOMICS REGULATION COMPLIANCE AND POLICY  DOI: 10.1089/glr2.2023.0013  Early Access Date: AUG 2023   


Screen Use

Title: Prolonged screen watching behavior is associated with high blood pressure among children and adolescents: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis

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Title: Changes in physical and mental health in Swedish schoolchildren in the digital age

Author(s): Mossberg, K (Mossberg, Karin); Mollborg, P (Mollborg, Per)

Source: ACTA PAEDIATRICA   Early Access Date: AUG 2023   



Title: Adolescent use of social media and associations with sleep patterns across 18 European and North American countries

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Social Media

Title: Social networks use and risk factors for the development of eating disorders: A systematic review

Author(s): Marin, SB (Marin, Stephany Bajana); Garcia, AM (Garcia, Ana Maria)

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Title: Effects of Animated Movies on the Aggression and Behavior Performance of Primary School Students and Their Control Using a Cognitive Behavioral Anger-Control Training (CBACT) Program

Author(s): Saba, P (Saba, Ponam); Qi, HW (Qi, Haiwen); Saleem, A (Saleem, Atif); Chen, IJ (Chen, I-Jun); Kausar, FN (Kausar, Fahd Naveed); Iqbal, MF (Iqbal, Muhammad Farhan)

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